Top 5 Best features of Mac OSX Mavericks

This week, we wanted to break things up a bit and give you something diffrent to our last 2 posts. So…Last week, I downloaded Mavericks on my computer to put it to the test. After a week I can say that I am really satisfied of it. My top 5 of its features over Windows 8.1 is:

On number 5 we have it`s speed. Being a UNIX based operating, it doesn`t have so high specifications. For me it booted in 11 seconds, that’s almost the half of what Windows takes to boot (19 seconds). On geek bench I got an increase of 30 points (tests were ran 4 times).

For number 4 I decided to put the ease of use. When I first booted into Mac, I was amassed about how easy it was to use this new operating system (it was a first for me to use Mac OSX).

On number 3 we`ve got the animation and graphics. I just liked that it wasn`t as flat or as boring as Windows. Don`t get me wrong, I like Windows, but the graphics inside it are just too flat for me.

For number 2 we`ve got the content management system. I liked how easy is to organize your self inside mac, and how easy is to access plugged-in devices. In Mac they appear on the desktop, but on windows you have to go into windows explorer, which involves some clicks. Also, the finder is really good implemented.

And finally on number 1 we have the awesomeness that this fabulous operating system is free. For the first time in history a Apple`s operating system is available for free in the App store. Windows costs around 120$ so, if you have the hardware and a generous friend that can lend you his Mac you can easily create a Hackintosh and install mac on your system.




That is all for today, hope i can manage to get another article out this week but I can`t promise anything. So… Stay tuned for another post as soon as possible, and don`t forget to like this post if you liked it, and if you want to support us you can stop by our Facebook page and show us some love, and answer The Question Of The Week:


What do you like about Mac OSX Mavericks?


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