Basic Computer Tutorial 3: Graphics Card

So… 2 days ago I had posted a top 5 to break things up a bit, but today we come back to our computer tutorial series. This week we bring you a tutorial about graphics card.

1.What`s a graphics card?

The definition says that a graphics card (or GPU) is an expansion card, which generates a feed of output images to a display (such as a computer monitor). Now… basically it`s the same thing as CPU, but with the exception that it creates the images that you see on your display.

2.What are the components of a graphics card?

A graphics card has lots of components. Here is a list of the most important.

    1. GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is the heart of the Graphics Card, the unit that processes all of the graphical instructions that have to be displayed on your screen as images.


    1. V-RAM Chips or Video Random Access Memory act the same as RAM memory to your CPU, but this time for your GPU.


    1. Power Delivery circuits are also part of the graphics card. Those circuits make sure that the power that reaches your GPU and VRAM is clean, nice and stable so that the lifetime of those components is as long as possible.

3. What to take into consideration when you buy a new graphics card?

When you buy a new graphics card you need to make sure that you take into consideration your budget and what you will be using that graphics card for. For example, if you are just watching movies on your PC than you are better of just using the integrated GPU that`s located inside your CPU, cause you will just loose money.

Than you need to decide if you want AMD or NVIDIA. This is important cause, for example if you will be using applications that you know use CUDA technology, you can only use NVIDIA cards cause CUDA is an NVIDIA technology.

After you decided how much you want to spend, what you will do with the card and what GPU maker you will going with, you need to finally choose your graphics card. To help you, here are the naming schemes for graphics cards:logons

That`s all you need to know at a basic level. Thank you for reading our article. Please leave a comment below with your respond to The Question of The Week:

What graphics card are you using right now?

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