NVIDIA Maxwell – Impressions

This week there were some rumors of the “next generation” NVIDIA. They were rumors about the GPU`s GM107 and GM107-400 cores. Now I know these are just rumors, but last time when they took of… they were like the exact product that was released 3 or 4 months after. So… in the name of the rumors I will explain what they are.


Let`s take a look at the image. From the specs over there… the “next gen myth” is totally busted… Sorry, no 8th gen cards this time around. I mean these specs are really mainstream. It`s nothing like a GTX 880, at most I will say they are GTX 750 TI. The thing is that they are almost the same as GK 107 which is used in GTX 650 card. And another clue I used to bust that myth is that it is based on 28nm transistor size, which is not what NVIDIA told us about the next gen. They were talking about 20nm, but that didn`t happened.

On the bright side the TDP was lowered so this means less power consumption for your mainstream gaming pc. Now you will say that power efficiency isn`t important and al we need is MORE POWER, but think… back in the day a computer was eating power like a monster, it was consuming the power but the performances were still low, so the next time you will think that power efficiency isn`t important think that your laptop`s battery has the double or more of the autonomy and you can get through a day of use without recharging, think… how annoyed are you when your phone`s buttery run`s out when you need it the most, just think about it and then think that the less power that GPU is using the more autonomy you will get out of the same battery.

Now… on the less bright side. Those are just rumors and don`t take me wrong, but I don`t think they are all the way true. I mean unless they bump up a little bit the specs like to 800 and 1000 CUDA cores, no one will buy them for 25W gain on one card I don’t think you will get out of your pocket another 40 or 50$ more to get last gen specs. I mean they are a little bit worse than the one of a 660, they have 8 less ROPs than a 660, I mean this is the level of a 650, not of a 7 series card.

In conclusion NVIDIA just needs to rethink their plan and what I suggest is that they will use this GPUs in GT series cards or at most on a GTX 650, this is, in my opinion their only escape plan, or else the mainstream gamer will just jump an say: “I don`t buy this! I`m better off buying a GTX 660 than GTX 750!” I hope I got it explained to you so that you can make an idea of what this “Next gen” GPU is all about. If you think that this will be a GTX 750 than grab, if you have the money now a GTX 660. I think this is the only way to go around this. NVIDIA isn`t stupid so they will stop the manufacturing of 660s and you won`t be able to buy these cards later, if you don`t want to spend extra money for the same thing than now it`s the time to make a move.

Hope you enjoy this week`s article, and until next time I let you with The Question Of The Week:


What do you think about Maxwell GPUs?


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