6 Core: The next-gen mainstream?

This week we are talking about the Haswell-E platform. Normally I`ll talk about the new things that are going to be brought to the table, but now it`s another thing that is really exciting.


I`ll start this post by saying that there will be a new variant of the LGA 2011 socket and the old motherboards won`t work at all with the new CPU`s. I know that this is a little bit confusing, but I`ll explain this further in another post and I`ll link that here when It will be out. intelhedt


Now let`s let alone this technical detail and crack on with the more exciting stuff. As you can see in the image above, Intel`s Hasswell-E lineup was detaliled , which is on the HDET platform (that means enthusiast grade). Now the least interesting thing is the i7 5960X which brings the 8 core technology to the consumer market from the server market.I know that the 8 core is very exciting, but we knew it was coming. What we didn`t knew was coming is that the 6 core will be available at really low prices that are available now. In fact, the 6 core will be available at the MSRP of about $330 which is really low, about half the price they are available now.I know it doesn`t feel like it`s such a big deal, but think like this: they are available now just at enthusiast level, but maybe in about 2 to 3 years from now, we will be buying i5s (or what they will be called then) which will have 6 cores and quad core i3s. If we look in the past at Core 2 Duos that were pretty much the same thing as i5s now, we can see that the same thing happened. There were the Core 2 Extreme which were quad cores CPUs. Those CPUs made the transition to the mainstream quad core.I hope you understood everything that I was talking about, and you enjoyed the little bit about CPU`s history. Also I want to say that this is the best news that Intel gave us in a long time now. I hope that this kind of news will keep coming to us, the consumers.


I hope that you enjoyed the post of this week. Until next post I`ll let you with a question:


Would you like me to write a post about different PC component`s history?

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