Android M: Top 5 features

At Google I/O today, Android M was announced as an small update, which will probably materialise into a 5.2 version number. As we expected, there is no exponential change, but rather there are some small refinements that make the experience so much better.

5. Volume Control
In previous versions, the volume control was always a little bit wonky, as it lacked the possibility to change the volumes of media if you were not in the according app and that made things not hard, but rather inconvenient sometimes. Now, in M there is a drop-down button that reveals more sliders: one for each and every volume setting.
4. A lot of tweaks that were made in a lot of regions, just to make the experience so much better than it is now. This tweaks range from performance ones to UI ones, and the number of them is enormous. Some of them are: Quick Settings optimisation, better looking lock screen, better copy&paste and even the possibility to make an Android Hotspot on 5GHz band.
3. Doze Mode
This is a mode that based on sensor readings like Gyroscope decides if the device is on idle and cuts down the resource usage of background apps like Facebook, Messaging and other application that might use a lot of battery in background. This will add up to the experience, as you will be able to go to sleep with let`s say 50 percent battery and wake up with the phone not fully drain because of some stupid apps that drain the battery when on idle.
2. Better Google Now
If you though Google Now is good, now you will love it, because Google introduced “Now on tap”. So now, from any app you can view cards that have some connection with the content that you were consuming. This will make for a far smoother experience in terms of Google Now.
1. Fingerprint reading API
The best feature in my opinion as it opens a lot of gates in terms of app development, but also will make things easier for Smartphone manufacturers as they will not have to implement their own method of scanning finger prints, and also, might bring the prices of said smartphones lower, as there is no longer a need for the development of indoor APIs for said function.
To wrap things up, I am reminding you that Android M is not a big release by any means, and will probably result into a 5.2 version number rather than a 6.0. This update will basically contain a lot of small tweaks that improve the whole experience by a lot.

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