BU!LD: 1300$ Workstation/Gaming Rig

This time around I am bringing you an idea for a 1300 $ workstation/gaming rig. This means that if you buy this configuration than you will be able to play games at fairly high settings and also you will be able to do some heavy work on this beast. I also tried to make this rig overclockable. This means that you will be able to bump up the frequencies of the CPU andGPU and along with them the performance of it. So without any further of due let`s see what I have chosen for this build:

For the CPU I chose a LGA2011 i7, to be precise the i7-4820k Ivy Bridge-E CPU that can be easily overclocked due to its unlocked Base Clock Multiplier. (~325$)

Next for the Motherboard, I chose a Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 Motherboard which represents a good value for its features at a fairly low price.(~243$)

For the RAM, I chose a 16GB kit from G.SKILL, because it represents a good value and it`s good to have plenty of memory.(~154$)

Now comes the Graphics Card. For this build I chose an EVGA GTX 760 variant for a good gaming experience, and also for a good performance in video editing apps like Adobe Premier Pro. (~250$)

After this comes the PSU. I chose SeaSonic M12II 650W because it is 80 PLUS Bronze Certified, which means that your PCwill receive clean power and will make your PC more stable in normal use and also when you will overclock it. (~120$)

And at the end we need a case to hold our precious components out of any danger. I chose an Antec GX500 Black case, because Antec is one of the best consumer-level case producer, and you can get this price for (~60$).

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