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Android M: Top 5 features

At Google I/O today, Android M was announced as an small update, which will probably materialise into a 5.2 version number. As we expected, there is no exponential change, but rather there are some small refinements that make the experience so much better. 5. Volume Control In previous versions, the volume control was always a little bit wonky, as it lacked the possibility to change...

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Top 5 Best features of Mac OSX Mavericks

This week, we wanted to break things up a bit and give you something diffrent to our last 2 posts. So…Last week, I downloaded Mavericks on my computer to put it to the test. After a week I can say that I am really satisfied of it. My top 5 of its features over Windows 8.1 is: On number 5 we have it`s speed. Being...

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Top 5 Windows 8.1 Features

So… this week Windows 8.1 was launched, so I thought of showing you a top 5 of features that Windows 8.1 brings new to the table. So… For number 5 we have the resizable tiles. In windows 8 we had only 2 settings: 1×1 and 2×1. Now we have 0.25×0.25, 1×1, 2×1 and 2×2. In my opinion this feature gives us a much more customization....