CloverEFI: The future of Hackintosh!

Last week, I tried to update my hackintosh to the latest version of OSX. It soon became a big pain, because a lot of thing`s weren`t working right. After a game of trial and error, I finally got everything working except the audio. I tried like 20 kext for my chipset, and none were working. So I decided to re-do a fresh install and get things sorted out. This time, I did it with a twist. I changed the boot loader from Chameleon to Clover. And man, it`s totally worth the extra work.I got everything up and running in half an hour.

First of all let me introduce you a little bit to what does a boot loader. The boot loader ultimately has to: bring the kernel (and all the kernel needs to bootstrap) into memory, provide the kernel with the information it needs to work correctly, switch to an environment that the kernel will like and transfer control to the kernel. All this operations are done so that your computer boots, be it a Windows PC, a OSX machine or Hackintosh.

What`s so good about this boot loader is that it is really easy to install, if you figured out the kexts that you need. Also, for Asus 8 series motherboards, it`s a total relief, not to have to install the boot loader in the OSX partition, and then move that to the EFI partition, as the installer does all by itself. The other thing that got my attention, was the ease of getting basic stuff going, like ethernet and audio. It`s great not to have to bother with finding the right kext.

The thing that really caught my eye is the Clover Configurator app. Basically, it is an app that simplifies, the configuration, in every shape or form, of your Hackintosh. The app is available here, and in my opinion, is the best feature of the boot loader.

Now, let`s compare, the ease of use of Clover to the on of Chameleon or other derivates like Chimera. I`ll do this by telling you the story of the update. The install process went fine, but when it came to the post-installation stuff, thing got a little bit awkward. I installed all the kexts that were working in Mavericks. Everything worked, as I said, excepting the audio part. So I started researching, and got like 20 kext, tried them all, one by one, to find that no one was working, at least for me. Finally I stumbled upon a post, that was mentioning something called audio-injection. It seamed it was working for everyone, so I started researching. Finally, I got to an tutorial, that mentioned Clover boot loader. So, I went, and re-did the install process, and got everything up and running. What helped me a lot, was the configuration tool, that is really easy to use, and very good laid out.

In conclusion, I think that Clover is the future of Hackintosh, because, it is a really easy to configure boot loader. And has a lot of good options, that I can`t cover in this post, as it will take about 4 or 5 thousand words to explain every bits and bobs of it.

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