Cooling solutions: Explained

We all have them in our computers. Even if we don`t realize it, the cooler/coolers in our computers are the most important component. It helps with keeping down the temperature of our processing units, so that they can operate at max efficiency.

There are a lot of ways of cooling your heat producing components. Ranging from normal air coolers all the way to the exotics like LN2 and Phase Change, they all to at their basics the same thing: keeping the heat down.

There are two normal ways of cooling and another two exotics one. Let`s talk first about the more basic ones, and then we will talk about the more exotic ways in a bit.

Air-cooling is the most basic way of cooling your PC, using the air pressure that a fan makes through some metal fins and taking most of the heat away from the heat generating component. Being so basic, the performance is not as good as superior methods like Water-cooling.

As I said in the dedicated article about it, water-cooling, as the name suggests is a technique of cooling your PC components, using deionized water. This is achieved using a combination of water blocks and radiators, which are connected via some tubes made with materials ranging from PVC to metal or acrylic.

The more exotic ones are LN2 and Phase change. Those two are so-called exotic because of their capacity of keeping the heat generator component at temperature far lower than the ambient temperature in the medium in which the computer is placed.

LN2, or Liquid Nitrogen Cooling is a far more efficient way of dissipating the heat generated by a certain component by using Liquid Nitrogen. The problem with this method is that you cannot use this as a long-term method. Most of the time, this method is used by professional overclockers in order to attend to break a world record, or get upper into the top of the category they are in.

Phase change cooling, also called vapor cooling, works in the same way an air conditioner works. The principal components of the loop are the condenser, the vaporizer and the pump that moves the vapor through the loop. There are a lot of materials that can be used as the vaporizable element, but I won`t go into much detail in this article.

There are a lot of other ways of cooling, but these methods that I listed here are the most used ones around the world.

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