Corsair Slipstream: Explained

It’s that time of the year again when a lot of all new tech is released or we are given some sort of preview of it. Of course, I`m talking about CES ( Consumer Electronic show) in Las Vegas, USA. Over the course of the years a lot of interesting tech was revealed in some way, ranging from basic stuff like new motherboards or other PC components to really interesting things. One of those is the new Wireless Mouse tech that Corsair will build into their mouse line-up. Enter Slipstream, a kind of new technology, but very promising none the least.

The technology

First of all let’s get the technical details out of the way. Slipstream uses a normal 2.4GHz Wireless transmitter and receiver. One might ask “Then, Why it is so special?”. Well, the boring part stops here. Corsair uses a proprietary protocol, that basically doubles the amount of packets that can be sent through a 2.4GHz band. Interesting things don’t end here either. The mice have an IFS ( Intelligent Frequency Shift) module built in. This tech is not an all new one, but it is an all new addition to the mice segment. The IFS works exactly like a Wireless Access Point does when it is auto selecting the channel to broadcast. This works wonders in connection stability as the mouse is ( or should ) no longer interfere with other 2.4GHz band Devices. Increasing the stability of the connection not only reduces input lag (Corsair claims less that 1ms Input Lag), it actually increases the range of the mice to up to 20m.

User benefits

All is good, but if the technology doesn’t give the end user any actual benefit, then it does not matter how interesting the concept is. Thankfully, it is not the case here. Even if you are not a gamer, this technology will give an end to the frustration raised by traditional wireless peripherals. The usual choppiness of the usual wireless experience will not be a thing anymore.

Future Implications.

This technology should really help the move towards the “Wireless Future”, a way in which most of the industry has gone. Removing the mouse cable (and the keyboard cable hopefully in the future) in an effective way is just one of the step necessary for an actual Wireless PC. If Slipstream truly lives up to the hype that Corsair has generated, then we are in for a fantastic ride. Not needing to make any trade offs when switching from a wired mouse to a wireless one is what makes this concept such a future thinking one.


One can only dream at the moment of a future where peripheral cables are just an optional thing and everything has gone wireless, but the future looks promising. Maybe in the future, Corsair can adapt this technology for wireless speakers that will be able to be scattered around the room without annoying copper cables lying on the floor. Of course this is just a personal opinion and actual implementation of this idea is not a thing in Corsair’s roadmap (or I am not aware of it).

What do you think? Is this a concept you want to see more of, or you still believe that wired is the only way to go? Leave a comment with your response in the comment section down below.

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