Genesis GX88 Review

In Q4 2014, Genesis added to the GX lineup a new gamming mouse with the name of GX88 as the flagship of the series. After 2 weeks of usage I finally decided doing a review on this piece of gear and let me tell you, it`s a pretty nice bang for the buck.

Starting off with the outside, this mouse it`s fitting me like a glove, but your mileage will vary as I have pretty large hands and the mouse is also pretty big, measuring at a whopping 12.5 cm in length and 7.8 cm in width. The mouse is equipped with 4 auxiliary buttons, a rubber covered scroll wheel and some nice rubber inserts on the parts where your thumb, your ring finger and your

The best thing about this mouse is that it uses a laser AVAGO 9800 sensor, which goes from 100DPI up to 8200DPI, which helps a lot in game. Also, the X-axis DPI is independent from the Y-axis. This is really nice feature, as it gives you a lot of flexibility.

Also, this mouse sports Omron switches under the buttons. This, combined with the sensor, creates a really stable mouse, that doesn`t miss clicks and doesn`t have tracking problems. Another nice feature that helps me a lot is the side-scroll feature. Talking about the scroll wheel, let me tell you that it is so good. It`s really smooth, while being cliquey enough that you feel every position you scroll by.

The software is minimalistic, as it doesn`t have to cover a lot of stuff. With the software you can modify the DPI on-the-fly, create macros that can be saved on every button, including the scroll wheel and left and right click buttons.

Another nice feature of this mouse are the 5 modes that change the bindings of the buttons on the mouse. Also, the mouse has 6 Kilobyte of internal memory to save all the macros and the DPI settings. This enables you to save your settings internally and being able to use them on other machines, even it is not supported by the software.

No with the Cons. This mouse takes a little bit of getting used-to, especially when you are coming from a smaller or ambidextrous mouse. Another problem that I found at the beginning, is that the braded cable was hanging into rough surfaces, but after a couple of days there weren`t any problems, so it`s not a deal-breaker. A possible deal-breaker might be the 30G acceleration, but if you are not into professional Gamming, won`t be such a big deal.

One of the most important pros of this piece of gear is the price. I bought this for $40 with a rebate, but the original price of $60 is not bad either.

In conclusion, this mouse is a pretty nice piece of gear, being such a big bang for the buck represents a possible buy if you are in the market for a nice gamming mouse that is comfortable in the hand.


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