GPU War: Explained

Had you ever thought that the continuous conflict between NVIDIA and AMD is very good for us from a lot of points of view? This week I`ll try to explain you how this “war” is good for us.


Let`s kick start this by explaining you what this “war” is about. This conflict is called concurrence, and it basically stands that one side tries to be better than the other one. If you watch that from the evolution standpoint or from the price one: it`s the same thing everywhere. They all try to make better GPUs or sell the GPUs at a much more competitive price.


Let`s talk from the price standpoint. Let`s take for example the HD7970 price line. At first it was $549, after the launch of NVIDIA`s GTX 680, its price dropped al the way to $429, which, if I did my math correct it`s decrease in price of 120$, which isn`t a small amount of money.


Now, let`s talk from the evolution standpoint. When a new top tear GPU is launched, the concurrent company is hurrying to get a new generation on the shelves, but they also try to make something better, and that makes the other company to start the needed researches so that they can launch better graphics cards, which means that the evolution cycle in GPUs is turning faster.


If you are not convinced that this “war” is very good for us, let`s take a look to the AMD vs. Intel in the CPU domain. The CPU`s aren’t evolving as fast as they used to do. This is caused because AMD gave up fighting for a better place in the CPU industry.


So… The next time you will be saying that this “war” isn`t good at all, think twice and also remember what happens on the CPU front. Until next time, answer the question of the week:


What do you think about this so called war?


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