Hackintosh: Explained

Some time ago when I was talking about Mac OSX 10.9 I said something about Hackintosh, and many of you asked me what is that. It is very simple, basically a Hackintosh computer is a normal computer that wasn`t manufactured by Apple, on which you can install OSX. The only conditions are that you have an friend or a relative that can borrow you their mac based system for a couple of hours so that you can make the install USB, and you have an Intel based computer.

The whole idea with the Hackintosh is to avoid high prices, and low customizability of what Apple has to offer. Another thing you avoid by turning your computer into a Hackintosh is the bad segmentation of Apple`s computers. What I mean is that, for example between the IMacs and the Mac Pros there isn`t any computer that is high end, but not as expensive as the Mac Pro. The convenience of Hackintosh comes from every direction you look at, from the lower price, to the customization part and all the other stuff that you can think about

In terms of legality, installing OSX on other PCs than the Apple`s ones its legal if you do it for yourself or for a friend and not to sell Hackintosh machines. So you will stay out of trouble as long as you don`t do it for profit.

If you want to search for configurations go to this site and if you have questions post a thread on this site. Stay tuned for the next post, and until next time ill let you with The Question of The Week:

Are you going to turn your computer into a Hackintosh? If so, tell me why did you choose to do it.

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