Moto 360: A watch to rule them all

This week we are talking about the new smartwatch from our friends over at Motorola. We will be talking about the price and all the stuff that was rumored and confirmed as true facts.

I`ll boot this post by saying that, the Moto 360 is not only Motorola`s round display wearable, but it`s also the artillery in the war between Android Wearables and Apple`s (currently in development) iWatch.

As you probably know, this wearable is the most hyped device of 2014. This hype was caused by the circular design and his uniqueness in terms of form-factor. The ditch of the square display is a good move in the wright direction. I`m saying this because the normal shape of a watch, in my opinion is a circle.

Also from what we heard from the latest rumors, the watch will meet the requirements to have the IP67 standard. That means it will be waterproof up to 30 minutes and completely dustproof. This is a really good piece of news, because this means that you won`t have to take care not to get it soaked or full with dust.

In conclusion, this is the flagship in terms of smartwatches, and it will bring a lot of new stuff to the table in the smartwatch domain. This is a really good thing, because we need new things to bring other new things, long story short, it means that the innovation circle is moving faster and faster. From this, we, the end-user we have only benefits.

Hope you enjoyed this week post and until next time I`ll ask you a question:

Do you think wearables are a good innovation?

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