Motorola Moto G 2014: Review

The original Moto G was Motorola`s best selling device. When I saw that they were rolling out an iteration of this device I knew that I have to get one and transform it into my daily driver. And so did I. Four weeks in and  I can finally put down my thoughts about this device.

Let`s start of talking about the appearance and overall design. With this device, Motorola went with a non uniformly curved backing that sits perfectly in my hand. On the back we find an 8MP camera and one LED Flash that does a good job of keeping your dark photos fairly bright. Moving to the sides, on the top you can find one 3.5mm Jack, on the button one micro-USB plug and on the right side you can find the volume rockers and the power button. Their position isn`t so good, since i kept pressing the volume buttons instead of the power one, but after 2 to 3 days I gave up this habit. On the front you can see the biggest feature of this phone: front facing speakers. This is a good addition, as the sound they produce is far superior in quality and shear volume to rear facing ones. Also on the front there is one light sensor, one proximity sensor and your 2MP selfie camera.

The software part was really good, as there wasn`t almost any bloatware with the exception of some motorola apps that aren`t very intrusive. The rest was pretty straight forward, as it`s pure Android. Not only that, but you have some customisation in terms of how the phone sounds as there is an equaliser part inside the setting. That being said, it`s not that amazing and there is one major problem: the model I have got it`s stuck with 4.4.4 KitKat, as up till now there isn`t any upgrade, but as I read around the internet, there will be one as soon as possible. What bothers me is that single-sim models did get the update. That means that it could have been done faster.


Usually on devices so low priced, manufacturers cheap out on build quality and end up with a phone that makes you wonder how it is not broken already. This is not the case of this device as the phone feels solid in your hand, and the grip that you have is really secure because of the curved shape of the back part. Also, the screen uses Gorilla Glass 3, which is always a welcomed bonus to have.


What surprised me a lot when I saw the pictures at launch, was that this phone uses two front facing speakers, which usually is seen on high-end devices like HTC`s M8.

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