Need for Speed World Review

The car choice is really bad. Yes, you have lots of cars, but 80% out of them aren`t unlockable by normal play. To have all the awesome cars, you have to pay for some credits, which I don`t really like.

The upgradeability is fairly low, I mean you can`t upgrade a car as far as you will want because the upgrades are really expensive, and for the amount of in-game money you pay, the reward that you get it`s really poor.

The sandbox is also really poor, because you can`t do whatever you want. It would’ve been nice if you could have done this and when you finish a hard race.

The community is full of small kids that think that you have to knock down the other players. If you win expect to be reported and be banned for the next 24 hours. So be careful not to win in multiplayer mode if you are playing with some “smartasses”.

The conclusion: Another pile of crap coming out of EA studios. From the car choice to the community type and from the crappy engine to the weird resolution problems, this game isn`t worth wasting your precious time because it`s simply just the worst implementation of a racing game. In a nutshell, Need for Speed World is an online racer masquerading as an MMO, where there is really very little player interaction at all. The open world is a glorified queuing system, and there is far too much grinding between upgrades, and far too little difference between the upgrades themselves. No doubt the game will have content updates in the future that add much more interesting components, but right now, the ‘free-to-play’ intro serves as a demo for the paid portion which is more of the same, but with far less people, little means of interacting with the ones who are around, and little to keep players grinding towards their next level.


Graphics: 3/10
Gameplay: 2/10
Experience: 1/10
Cars and upgrades: 2/10
Price: 5/10
Overall: 2.6


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