NVIDIA Maxwell – Part 2

Last week I was talking about the Maxwell GPUs and how they are not a clear shot of what NVIDIA is trying to do, but as days passed they finally launched the SKUs with those GPUs on board, so I thought to make some things clear.
Now as you all of you probably know, the new 750 Ti is selling for around 170 bucks, that`s 30 $ lower than the 660, so I think that NVIDIA did a pretty good job of pricing their new products. Also from what I’ve read on the internet I know that they are a hell of a Bit currency miners for that small price.

So… those GPUs are good miners, you will say “SO WHAT?” Now if you are not an NVIDIA fan boy and you know a little bit of marketing, you will know that this is a really good thing for AMD users, because the prices of the high end miners like R9 290x doubled because everybody bought those cards for mining because they have a high hash rate. All of this managed to double the price of one, from 450$ to as high as 900$. This is caused by shortage of stock.

Now think the other way: if you want to mine you will need as low power consumption as possible so that the profit that you make is as high as possible, and with NVIDIA low power chips you can achieve that. Maybe not with those mid-range products, but with next gen cards based on this architecture we will get higher hash rates that AMD. We will never know until that day comes. Until than we can just think of higher performance per Watt ratio.

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Are you thinking of buying a GTX 750 TI or a GTX 750? If yes, say what you think about them.

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