OS X El Capitan: What to expect

As WWDC happened fairly recent, and Windows 10 is still around the corner, I decided to bring you this week some news about the next version of Mac OS X with the version number 10.11 and the codename El Capitan

Let`s start from appearance and we will make our way through to the functionality and performance part. This version will sport the same translucent design that Yosemite already has, but this time some tweaks were done to accomplish the best user experience possible. One of those tweaks is a new font called San Francisco. Also, Mission Control was revamped, giving OS X a feature that Windows had for years now: Split View. This allows two windows to be

Spotlight search gains deeper functionality and more sources and supports natural language. Safari has gained Pinned Sites, a similar feature to what favorites are in other browsers.

Performance is supposed to be improved by Metal, a system-level graphics rendering API, similar to DirectX 12 or Mantle. This will hopefully improve the speed across the whole system.

As you can see this update is not near as big as Yosemite was. Like Android M, OS X El Capitan takes what the previous version was, and refines it even further.

If you want to check out the public beta version, you will have to pay for a developer account which is not cheap, but if you want the latest version of the OS, that`s the price you have to pay.

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