Performance: OS X Yosemite vs Windows 8.1

Some time ago, when I had Yosemite installed on my computer I saw some decrease in performance in some games. First I thought that it was just a feeling and I ignored that, but recently it stroke me again as I was reading a post from some forum, and decided that I shall do some test, at least to have a peace of mind. The results I got were fairly interesting as you will see a little bit later.


Before showing you my results, I think you will want to see my setup, so here is my configuration:




The testing procedure was as follows: I ran GeekBench, Cinebench R15 (both CPU and OpenGL) and Unigine Heaven 4.0 (Basic, Extreme and Custom with all maxed out, all using OpenGL). All of those tests were ran 3 times and the final results are average of the results. As the graph below shows, Windows beat OS X in every test. However, most were a in the range of 2 to 3 percent, so I considered them inside the margin of error. The only tests were Windows exceled by a significant margin were Unigine Heaven Basic and Cinebench R15 OpenGL. In those two tests the improvement were of 5.4% and 28.3%. The last one was the one that caught my attention, as 28% was more than a quarter of performance lost. The results were 85.96 FPS for Yosemite VS 118.24 FPS for Windows, which results in a loss in performance of 32.28 FPS for the Apple side.




In my case, the performance loss, wasn`t so bad that I couldn`t play my games or render stuff, but if you have a lower end PC, than this problem will bother you more. Also, if your workload is GPU dependent you will have a lot of problems as you saw in my Cinebench test. Keep in mind that I used the latest Web driver, from NVidia so the variable of drivers is out of the questions.


So, my conclusion is that, if you don`t need OS X, than don`t go for it, as the loses in performance are fairly significant, but if you need apps that are only for Mac, for example if you are into audio creation or video editing, I heard that there are some great apps on OS X. Also, to be fair with you, I wasn`t expecting to get such results, I was expecting a 3 to 4% decrease in performance, and that was the case for most tests, but that 28% gain when switching to Windows, was totally unexpected.


Thank you for reading this article, and I hope that you found it interesting enough to share it, so that your friends can benefit from this knowledge. Like the article if you liked it and leave a comment about what you think is the cause of these loses in performance. My guess is that the driver isn`t as optimized for Mac, as for Windows.

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