Phoneblocks: Going further

This month Phonebloks released a new video… After watching it a couple of times, I think I`m ready to give you my impression on where the whole modular phone project is going, and also I’ll be doing a little bit of prediction Job as well.

Whit out any further of due, let`s crack on with the impressions. First and foremost I want to say that, finally, I trust that, this guy`s that came from nowhere will bring us a better phone, or as they say: “A phone worth keeping”.

Now as we all saw in that video, they are aiming higher now, they are aiming towards modularity in general, like modular monitors or modular laptops. They are thinking about a world based around modularity and flexibility, which in fact is a very good thing.

Also I think that they are more trustable now than they had ever been. I think this because there are a lot of new prototypes of modular phones from ZTE (ECO MOBIUS), or BLOCKS (not obvious at all).

Now, on to the prediction part. I think that this whole Phonebloks thing is going to be the best thing for us in the phone department. If they are going to make everything a modular thing, than they will be the best concept company ever came out of the blue.

In conclusion, if you are thinking that the world needs to be a modular galore, than I think you are really happy. Personally, I`m so anxious to get my hands on something like that. And the best news until now is that Project ARA will be getting out of the Project state next year around Q2! Let`s hope for the best and until next time, please response to The Question Of the Day. Also check this and this out.

Would you get a modular phone?

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