Phonebloks Impression

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Phonebloks is a new idea of a dream phone that is modular. That means that you, the user, can change your configuration depending on your needs. Let`s say that you are going on a trip and you need a larger battery… you just swap out the battery block with a bigger one and just replace another one.

In my opinion this is a great idea, but it`s just an idea. There isn`t any prototype of this. There are some flaws in the dummy model, like the electronic board that is connecting all the blocks is not going to work. Let`s take as example the CPU block. Just look at how many pins Intel puts in their sockets there are more than a thousand and on the CPU block are just 9. It`s just impossible for it to work by its own. To work with just 9 pins it needs to have a motherboard for itself which, in my opinion, is going to take just too unnecessary thickness to the phone.

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