Phonebloks: Part 2

Last week on the inter-webs appeared another video from Phonebloks clarifying that they chose Motorola for this project.

Now from this video you can make 2 theories:
1. That Phonebloks was contacted by Motorola to make the dream phone.
2. That Phonebloks is actually Motorola, and all the Phonebloks thing is just an experiment to hype or to make Project ARA known.

Now that I know that “Phonebloks” works with Motorola I trust them and I think that this project will be a success. I think that all the flaws that I mentioned In the first article will be repaired by Motorola. Now the only problem that I see is that many people won`t like this concept because it will be too expensive, or it isn`t as clean designed as the original one or many other reasons that don`t come to my mind at this point in time.

To be clear, this concept is for the geeks and not for the general consumer that changes their phone on a 3 or 4 year basis. This is for the power users that need all the power they can get so that they can accomplish their tasks as fast as possible. This is for the users that want to have the newest and greatest technology on the market.

This kind of tech is always encouraged by me and geeks in general, because it brings new stuff to the table and can always be improved. If this kind of phones will start to be made by more phone producers, I think that this is the future and this kind of devices is what we will hold in our hand from the point in time this will happen.

I want to take back all of my bad thoughts about this concept

As I said two weeks ago we will start doing the Question of the week. This week`s question is:


What theory of the two mentioned is the one you think is the true one? Give reason.

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