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Inverse Hyper Threading: Explained

Two weeks ago, Intel launched their latest architecture, Skylake. At first nobody knew anything about the architecture as Intel did not released any information, but some documents leaked 2 days ago shows something that the rumor mill calls Inverse Hyper Threading. An interesting technology none the least. Hyper Threading is Intel`s take at simultaneous multithreading or SMT. This allows the OS to allocate two threads...

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NVMe: Explained

NVM Express or NVMe is a specification for accessing solid-state drives, attached through the PCIe bus. NVM stands for non-volatile memory, which is used in SSDs. It was designed from ground up, capitalizing on low latency and high performance. Up until now, SSDs were mostly using SATA or SAS for interfacing with the rest of the computer. Since they became faster by the day, the...

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FreeSync : Explained

As an response to Nvidia`s G-Sync, AMD released a new standard in terms of adaptive sync technology. In the spirit of the company, they made the standard free to use and royalty-free. Adaptive sync is a technology that prevents Screen Tearing without the lag caused by V-Sync. This achieved by sending a signal from the GPU through the DisplayPort cable to the monitor. This signal...