Trine 3: Review

One game, three heroes and 5 hours of gameplay. This is Trine 3 at its core. After the first 2 games of the franchise being one of the best games out there, it was time that Frozenbyte released a new addition to the Trine Series. Does it live up to expectation? Let`s find out!

While the game starts as usual, with the presentation of the three heroes, it lacks a lot of things from the other three games. If in the past two games you could upgrade the 3 heroes, this time you are stuck with one arrow for Zoya, the Sword & Shield combo for Pontious and box conjuring for Amadeus. The bright side is that you don`t really need more than that, as the difficulty of the monsters doesn`t rises throughout the levels, and the re-spawn system has been revamped, making it much easier to recover lost heroes.

This edition was the one to change everything. They moved from the old side scrolling platformer to a 3D one, making things more complex more challenging and sometimes frustrating, but all of these adding up to create an awesome game.

All of this would`ve made a perfect game only if the story was not so short. Adding up to just 5 hours of gameplay, this game makes the shortest game in the whole Trine franchise. Frostbyte says that the game is so short because the cost of making the game 3D was much bigger than they expected, so they had to cut on the length of the game to save money and time. They said that the game would`ve been three times more expensive to produce, adding up to a whopping 15 million USD for the full intended game.

In conclusion, Trine 3 is a good game. The only thing making it not perfect is the shortness of it. I`m hoping that the next establishment will be an awesome one, or else, I don`t know what will happen to this awesome franchise.

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