Watch Dogs: Review

This week, we are taking a look at the latest game from our friends over at Ubisoft, and we got a lot to discuss.

I`ll start by talking about the gameplay, than we will go further towards graphics, car selection and so on. So… The gameplay was very good with some inconsistencies, but in general it was really good. The only things that I liked a fair amount, was that if you were to die in a mission, you will not have to start the whole mission again, which makes the gameplay much more dynamic than in other Sandbox games like GTA. The thing that I didn`t like is that it is quite hard to escape the police, which would`ve made a big improving to the overall game experience. At the end of the day I can say this game has a lot of good parts but also has a few bad parts to it.

The Storyline is very good, but it has little similarities with The Saboteur. I`m talking about having to fight to unlock the mapping of another district or city. The hacking thing is a good plus to the story line as it offers breaks from the fighting, and it also adds something new to this type of games. I like a lot what Ubisoft has done here in terms of story writing, getting away from the always-used: bringing the victory back to the band. I liked that the game was based around the killing of Leanna and the kidnapping of Nicky (Aiden`s Sister).

The graphics were very good, but there was a problem, I wasn`t able to use my AMD card without getting a tremendous amount of lag. All of this because the NVidia tools that were used. I`ll talk more on this with another occasion but for now, just keep in mind, that you will get some occasional stutters, which were so annoying that made me get my card out and using integrated HD 4600 graphics chip with the graphics tore all the way to sub 720p and on low preset. I want to make sure that I’m clear, this is not Ubisoft`s fault, it is NVidia fault for not letting AMD optimizing their drivers for their toolkit.

The car choice is really ridiculous, I mean you can find a car inside this game for your every occasion. There are muscle cars, performance cars, motorbikes, utility cars, big cars and normal cars that you see every day. This is a thing that I was waiting since GTA SA was launched: A game with a lot of different cars.

Now, fortunately the weapons choice is pretty bad if you just want to buy them, since you can chose between 3 or 4 snipers, 8 pistols, 5 assault rifles, 3 shotguns and some SMGs. There are a lot of guns if you unlock them in the main missions and side missions also.

In conclusion, Watch Dogs is the best game that I had ever the chance of playing. It offers great gameplay, it has the best story line I had ever seen in a sandbox game and also it has a lot of weapons and cars. Letting aside the Graphics Glitches that I encountered on my AMD card, this game is the go-to game in the sandbox segment.

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