Water Cooling : Explained! – Closed Loops

AIOs or Closed Loop Systems as they are also called, are the entry level segment of the whole water-cooling thing. This makes them really cheap in comparison to custom loops, but there are some downsides that you need to take into consideration when you are making up your mind about acquiring one product in this range. But first of all, let`s talk about the basics of this segment of the market.

Basically, a closed loop is a water-cooling loop, that comes as-is and doesn`t need any maintenance. This makes for a really sweet deal, as you can easily find a good one under 100$. Also, there is also the advantage that the setup process is way shorter, as you only need to mount the pump & water block combo to the CPU and then mount the radiator to the case.

Now you will say “Sweet! Where can I get one?” and my answer will be: Hold on a moment. There aren`t just upsides to this part. As I said, this is the entry level of water cooling, so the performance isn`t that good. Also, the upgradability is basically not present at all, which exceptions as Swiftech`s H220X.

In the end, when you are shopping from one of them you should take into consideration what does your case fits and what do you need, then along those criteria chose larger or smaller radiators, thicker or thinner radiators, and also, keep in mind that if you don`t plan on overclocking your CPU, than you won`t need the greatest unit.

In conclusion, Closed loops are for the beginner that doesn`t want to tinker a little bit, but gives off a lot of performance for the money. So… don`t forget to like the article if you liked it, and share it if you think your friends will appreciate this explanation post.

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