Windows 10: Explained

Yesterday, The 30th of September, Microsoft held a big developer event, at which they talked about the next version of Windows. They prepared us a little bit of a surprise, and also they showed us a lot of features that we were waiting for a long time. So without any further of due, here are my thoughts about the upcoming version of windows.

I said that they prepared us a surprise. The next Windows will be called Windows 10. This is a strange thing, because first there were some rumors that it will be called 9, as this was the next number after 9. Microsoft demolished those rumors themselves. They released an article, in which they stated that Windows would not have a distinguished name. I mean the name wouldn’t be like “Windows Vista” or “Windows 7” or anything like that.

Now, let`s go through the features that were presented during the conference. First, and in my opinion, one of the best is the return of the Start Menu. Now, it`s in a slightly changed style, but it`s a lot better than the Start Screen. Also, there will be 2 separate modes: one for mouse and keyboard users and another one for touchscreen users. Those modes will change on the fly when Windows will detect the lack of a mouse and keyboard, but only if you have a touchscreen device.

The next thing that is important enough to mention is the CTRL+C and CTRL+V commands are working finally inside Command Prompt, which doesn`t sound as interesting if you are not using CMD at all, but if you are a power user, I`m almost certain, that you came across CMD at least one time.

That`s all that has bean shown at the conference yesterday, but they said the there will be another conference in Q1 2015, during which they will leak more information. Also, the launch is set for Q3-Q4 2015, which is quite a lot of time.

I hope you enjoyed this week`s post, and until next time please answer The Question Of The Week:

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