Windows 10: What to expect 2.0

After 4 months from my initial article, the pile of rumors about Windows 10 got to the ceiling, so let me walk you through the most important of those.

  1. Microsoft Edge

If you were a little bit attentive to the news, you would know that Microsoft begun working on a new browser code-named Spartan. Basically, Edge is the branding of that project. What this browser does so special is the inclusion of Cortona.

  1. Cortona

Talking about Cortona, it is a companion that Microsoft will introduce starting with Windows 10. This will be mostly a Siri like app for Windows that will accept both vocal and typed commands, depending on the situation you are in. Also, Crotona replaces the traditional search system that you are familiar with from Windows 8 and 8.1

  1. Start Menu

Yes, it`s back. The start menu is back, and oh boy it is good. It is a combination of the start menu and the start screen, taking what`s best from both versions. Now you can resize to whatever size you want to be. You still got the tiles from Windows 8, but now in a combination with a normal list with folders and normal thumbnails for every app install.

This were all old news, but there are a lot of recent rumors that were confirmed and are fairly big.

  1. 10: The last Windows version

Microsoft is planning to change Windows from a monolithically update system to a small but frequent update system, and stop numbering them. They want to change Windows into a subscription based application that will make the adoption of newer versions way faster than now, as you will be made to update every time an update comes out.

  1. 4 Versions

There will be 4 versions of Windows 10. One for Home users and small-business, one for power-users, one for schools, colleges and universities and another one for Enterprise class Workloads.

  1. Mid-July Launch

This one is pretty obvious. Windows 10 will be launched in July. This rumor is a slip of the tongue by AMD’s CEO. This one is really credible, as AMD is one of Microsoft`s Hardware partners.

This is the end of this list, but there are a lot more rumors that are not so sure now, so I decided not to cover them.

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