Windows 10: What to expect

There are a lot of new features in the upcoming version of windows. Project Spartan and Cortona are just some of them. There are a lot of important features that will make your life a lot easier. This version will be one that improves every way possible.

To give you a little bit of background storry, Windows 10 is the successor to windows 8.1u1. Everyone is putting their faith in Microsoft for this launch. We are all expecting an improved version of Windows, not a polished Windows 8.


One of the most best feature for this version is DirectX 12, which is an API that most of the games are written in. Microsoft promised to bring with DirectX 12 better performance, better looking games and also cross-platform gaming. This means that every game that will be released to the Xbox One will be available on Windows, which opens up a lot of roads and also solves a lot of previous problems.

Cortona is Microsoft response to Apple`s Siri and Google`s Google Now. First available only on Windows Mobile 8.1, now available on the Desktop it`s a nice addition that will make the operating system come alive in some respects. If you don`t want to use this features, than you can go ahead and disable this feature.

Spartan is the replacement of the age-old Internet Explorer. It includes Cortona and promises a lot of improvements in performance. Let`s hope it will live up to the hype and be a great contestant in the browser match.

The start menu got fixed, and now now you can actually chose if you want the classic style or the Modern UI one. This is a welcomed update, as the start menu was a big problem in Windows 8.

Let`s hope it will live up to the hype and will be the best update that ever happened until now. Personally I think it is going to be a good one as it is feature packed. Thank you for reading my article. Don`t forget to like it if you liked it and share it if you think is worth sharing.

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